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People are talking about your ​business.

We help you listen.

HXA’s Social Spy

Uncover what your customers like, ​want and need.

HXA’s Social ​Spy makes ​sure that your ​marketing hits ​the mark.

Stop wasting marketing dollars shooting in the dark.

How do I know what my target ​customers want or like? How do I know ​what products or services they need?

What images and messaging are ​going to make my target ​audience take action?

How do I use data to ​improve marketing ROI ​over time?

Online conversations are some of the most untapped, yet ​valuable, strategic resources in the world.

Social media concept.

Human X Analytics dives deep into these conversations to uncover winning content strategies, product innovations, brand reputation, ESG opportunities, and more.

Campaign ​Reporting

Campaign Planning

Don’t stress yourself out trying to create ​content without knowing what’s going to ​“work.” Our reports will tell you everything you ​need to know to create a successful campaign, ​including consumer demand and preferences,

top performing content, competitor and peer ​brands, and more.

Campaign Measurement

We establish clear KPIs to track performance ​and enable ongoing improvement. The goal is to ​be able to see the actual progress over time - ​in sentiment, engagement and sales - as you ​implement and adjust your strategy.

Branding, Websites & Social Media

HXA uses Social Intelligence for data-driven decisions about your brand design, including your target market, top performing content and messaging, competitors, and other relevant inputs. We do what it takes to understand your business and the desired ethos for your brand.

Marketing ​Consulting

No two businesses are alike, and we want ​yours to stand out. HXA provides white-glove ​consulting to customize a strategy that will ​drive your business growth.

We will perform strategic analyses to ​understand your industry and business goals, ​and establish a measurable growth strategy.

From there we provide content creation, ​campaign launching and ongoing ​measurement. We will do what it takes to ​ensure your brand is landing with your target ​customers - and attracting more fans to ​your brand.


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Sherry has 24+ years of experience in technology implementation and cultural research. She has led social intelligence programs for Fortune 100 brands, and her work with the U.S. Dept. of Defense as an intelligence specialist provides a dynamic approach to social intelligence, focusing on deep, actionable insights and strategic decision-making.


8 years' performing intelligence services in Iraq, including infrastructure, risk, community issues of concern, etc., with a focus on operations.


Licensed Professional Engineer in the US and Chartered Engineer in the UK specializing in consulting, focused on infrastructure and energy efficiency.

Connect to people-centered data

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Brand Insights

Marketing planning & measurement

Talent attraction and retention

Investor sentiment

Regulatory & Legal

Risk Management

Brand health

Strategic Research

Product/service innovation

Competitive landscape

Strategic initiatives

Market Research

Political trends


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HXA is happy to discuss how we could impact your operations through Social Intelligence.


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